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I love everything about Millennial. Millennial are chaotic, complex, spirited, and unknown. The reason why I chose the AI film restoration exhibition as my final theme actually stems from another thought I had about my current life. Perhaps the productivity and technology of the millennial generation was far below the current level, and the sheer joy that people felt when they saw a remarkable piece of technology in front of them is a product of that era that cannot be replicated. Maybe it's because everything is so fast and furious in the current era. If a thing breaks, we can replace it without much trouble and get the new one we want. That feeling of sewing and mending and trying our best to fix something has slowly disappeared into the ages. That's why I dated the AI film restoration show to around the turn of the millennium. That's when people would be happy for a new thing for a long time, and they would also be sewing for the same thing. Whether it's a memory or a photo, there are some things we never want to throw away or replace. OOPARTS Studio is one of the few places I could find from that era that was working on mending memories.

​——Oliver xie

Exhibition images

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